PAIN THEN GLORY - MASSIVE Chest Building Workout for Muscle Mass

Have you been working out for a while and not seeing the definition of muscle mass that you have been working so hard to achieve? Don't stress, it's as simple as switching things up to achieve the results you seek. Even experienced lifters know the challenges of sculpting specific muscle groups. Do you want a chiseled, muscular chest that shows through those new shirts you just got? Do you want to go up in clothing sizes with all your new muscle mass? Look no further my friend! I'm going to help you achieve just that. 

Let's break this down into simple terms shall we? 

First let's take a look at the anatomy of the muscle so you have the proper mind to muscle connection

The pectoral muscle is made up of two major muscles as illustrated above. 
However your chest can and should be trained by three different angles Lower, middle, and upper. 
I'm going to tell you some very simple and effective workouts that will target each zone. 

First it is important to fill your chest with blood to stretch the muscles and warm them up for high volume workouts. 
Start by doing standard Pushups for 3 sets of 12 reps
Be sure to squeeze your chest as much as possible at the top of each rep.

Upper Chest

Incline Dumbbell Flies this will specifically target your upper chest. 
4 sets of 12 with a decent amount of weight. 
This is a great exercise to start your workout on before you fatigue your muscles too much for the next compound movements

Middle Chest

Traditional Bench Press

Lower your reps but raise the volume
4 sets of 6 Reps

Make sure you squeeze your chest while lifting upwards and as well as downwards you want as much blood to fill your muscles as possible. This will rip the muscle fibers and will require you to rest and repair these muscles for growth. 

Lower Chest

Decline Bench Press
An excellent exercise for shredding your lower chest and to give you the size you need to bring your chest out. I see a lot of people who neglect this portion of the chest and this is why they are suffering. 
Same ordeal for this as bench press you want to increase volume but not the reps

4 sets of 6 reps


Finish off your chest workout with more flies or wide push ups to stretch your sore chest muscles. 


I hope that this guide has helped you spice up your routine and sent you off in the right direction! 
Stay shredded!

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