How to Build Muscle Mass - Pain Then Glory

Have you looked in the mirror recently, wishing you had a bigger chest maybe some arms that rest on the lats and give you that thick look that bodybuilders have and fitness enthusiasts strive for? Have you been working extremely hard in the gym and not seeing the results you want quick enough? Don't sweat it, literally. The most important thing to realize is that the body has a tendency to adapt and become accustomed to the stress you've given it with heavy/intense training, it's just in our nature. In order to engage that first tier of gains that you had when you first started working out is to confuse the muscle "Right babe?" what I mean by this is simply doing different things instead of that same arnold routine you've been following for year! Simply diverse you workouts every other week and continue to increase the volume on said workouts this will target new areas of your muscles and push blood to the necessary areas. You'll feels sore, you should always feel some what sore it's an indication that your muscles are repairing, and with repair comes growth. 

Now your diet. 

Arnold knows best! Your diet is key to growth and recovery. We will discuss this more in depth in another blog simply because it's quite complex and needs to be targeted from multiple angles to fully understand the effects of nutrition.

Thanks again for reading and we hope that you benefit from this article and make GAINS!

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