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5 INSANE Chest workouts for mass gain - Pain Then Glory

 The best chest workout you will ever need to stick to achieve the massive chest you are looking for, let's cut to the chase with the basics.

You may already know some of these workouts but are you doing them correctly?

Let's find out. 

Flat Bench Press

for mass gaining we want to find a volume of weight that we can keep proper form and be able to squeeze our pectoral muscles as much as possible. 

Amount of Sets: 4

Amount of Reps: 6-8

We highly recommend using Wrist Support Wraps for your wrists while benching
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Flat dumbell Press

This is a really great exercise to rotate out with bench press you target different angles of your pectoral muscles due to the mobility of dumbells instead of a barbell. Dont neglect this amazing mass gainer

Amount of Set: 4

Amount of Reps: 6-8 


For Compound and heavy movements protect your gut and core by wearing a belt during your workouts premium leather belts will protect you during your lifts

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Incline Chest Flys 

This may be something you've never done which is great. It's time to switch it up to kick your muscle gain into it's metabolic state. This is where you really need to squeeze at the top, don't go for a high weight, leave your ego at the door or suffer the gains. You need to shred your muscle fibers to get the soreness you need for growth. 

Amount of Sets: 5-6

Amount of Reps: 10-12


For heavy dumbbell lifts take the stress off of your wrists by using wrist wraps this allows full concentration on the muscle groups

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Decline Bench Press

This is often a neglected workout and you probably see it empty at your gym 90% of the time. Your pectoral muscles are split into two major muscle groups. The lower part is often neglected because many chest routines focus the middle and upper part of the chest. The lower part is what will make your chest stick out and produce more mass. 

Amount of Sets: 4

Amount of Reps: 6-8


Yup! That's right, standard pushups. Finish your routine off with some standard military pushups and don't stop till you can't go anymore. This will force enough blood into the areas of the muscle that were lacking during your workout. If you're able to pump out a ton with out fatigue you did not go heavy enough in the previous exercises.

We highly recommend using pushup sliders, they allow for full range of motion and complete targeting of the chest while doing pushups

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This is a very simple to follow routine and will point you into the best direction for making lean gains on your upper body. 

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  • Thanks for the great workout template! I will be sure to hit these in the gym tomorrow. Also picked up a few of the products, can’t WAIT for the results!

    Thanks so much!


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