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How to Build Your Calves

How to Build Your Calves 

Calves development has for years proven to be a nightmare for many people. If you happen to have a nice pair, then you ought to know how lucky you are! Having the perfect calves is mostly a genetic thing and in a good number of cases, with the “wrong” lower leg genes, you might end up struggling for a very long while to get the calves you have been dreaming of. For the perfect full body proportion, working on your calves is a necessity. Here are five methods that have worked for multiple people in the past.

Seated Calf Raise

This is perfect for working out the soleus muscles and that are important for calf development. When well developed, this flat muscle appears thicker and wider, and thus improves the appearance of your calves. To strengthen this muscle, a lot of knee bending is required.

To do so you can either use a seated calf raise machine at the gym. Another method is placing your feet under a smith machine bar as you are seated then have some weights on your legs for resistance.

Standing Calf Raise

This work out is pretty similar to the seated calf raise. It can be done using a traditional standing calf raise, on a smith machine or in a power rack on a step.  For this workout, the best results are obtained the straighter the knee is. Caution should therefore be taken such that your calf raises do not turn into shallow squats.

Leg Press Calf Raise

Whether it is the plate loaded, angled or even an old fashion standing calf raise, it is perfectly possible to get a great workout for your calves in the gym. However, if possible, keep the safety catches engaged just in case of any emergency.

Plyometric Work/Jump Rope

If done intensely, plyometrics can be perfect for building calves. This exercise works on the concept that if a muscle is stretched abruptly under load, it will compress the power then release it on positive motion. This is the same concept for jumping ropes where the bouncing while on your toes works to strengthen carves.

Sprint Work

Once in a while, getting out of the gym for some outdoor exercise is recommended. One way is by sprinting. This stimulates your metabolism and also improves your calorie burning. Best of all, the intense activity on the calves and also the quick stretch reflex action builds carves!


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