How to Win Your Gym Crush

How to Win Your Gym Crush

Over the years, as the joining a gym phenomenon grew, another amazing thing happened, gyms became the newest pick up spots! If you have been hitting the same gym for a while now, it is almost definite that you have already set your sights on someone. Be it the perfectly built guy with the weights and abs or the hot girl with the amazingly toned body, winning your gym crush needs to be done very delicately and strategically. To get you to your crush, there are some major dos and don’ts that must be followed. Here are some tips to get you started.

Be Approachable.

If you are hoping for your crush to finally come over to you, then you have to ensure you are friendly and approachable. Say hi, smile and generally be nice! That way, it will be much easier for him or her to finally come over to where you are. You can also choose to be direct and even offer to help them with their workout. However always remember there is a very thin line between creepy and nice

Don’t Stare Too Much

This is in line with ensuring you are not branded as weird or creepy. No matter how much you are tempted to stare, it is important that you try to maintain your cool and instead slowly work your way into their space.

Find a Bonding Point

Despite the person being your crush, for it to work out you need to make sure that you are both interested in the same things. For this to happen, you have to actually have a conversation with them this grows gradually, starting with a “Hi” every day and eventually, you can start with the one thing you both have in common, working out! Ask for help with some exercise moves, and talk about your routines. With a little bit of conversation comes flirting and finally a date!

Make Your Move

On the other hand, if you are tired of waiting around for them to make a move, why not just do it yourself! It is just as simple as saying hello and asking them out! You can only hope that they are single and that they have been eyeing you too. This is most probably the best move since you can never know if anything will happen unless you try. So how about shutting off your thoughts and approaching him or her next time you are in the gym?


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