Insane Back Workout for Building Mass

Insane Back Workout for Building Mass

When it comes to building muscle, one of the major things to be taken into consideration is your end goal. The end goal refers to which areas you would mostly want to build mass. For most people at the gym, the main targets are normally the show muscles.” These refers to abs, chest, shoulders and of course arms. Areas like legs and the back tend to be left out over time. However, this ought not to be the case. Taking the back, it is important to pay special attention to building back muscles since the torso is the focal point of the body. In addition to housing most vital organs, it also provides most of the structural support. As a result, working out your back means that you will have strong, balanced muscles to support you.

Here are five major insane workouts to help build your back muscle mass:

Bent over Rows.

With this exercise, all primary muscle groups on the back are used, provided proper for is maintained with a weighted barbell.

Barbell Deadlifts

This method is popular since it uses all muscles including back muscles while burning a lot of fat. Standing feet apart, bend your knees and grab the bar. Put your hands opposite, one facing in and the other out. Lift the weight with your legs while keeping a straight back.

Pull ups and Chin ups

For many, this exercise is perfect for arms but in reality, it is also great for working the upper back as you lift your body weight and lower it under control. To get started, you can use an assisted pullup machine that uses weight to counter your body weight until you can do regular chin ups ad pull ups.

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

With this method you can isolate each side of your back thus better focus. Kneeling on a bench, move your torso parallel to the floor, letting the dumbbell hang on your extended arm. Draw the weight to your chest, keeping your elbows tucked in firmly.

Barbell Shrugs

This particularly targets the traps. You get started by using a weighted barbell, set up on an adjustable rack that is thigh high. Keeping your back straight, let the weight hang at your thighs. Arms extended, try to shrug your shoulders as high as possible. Raise your shoulders as you do so.

For a beginner, you can start with two sets of around 8-11 reps per workout and over time increase the sets by one every week.

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