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Insane Leg Work-Out for Building Mass

Insane Leg Work-Out for Building Mass

If you are in search of the perfect “alpha” physique, having a solid foundation base is a necessity. This therefore means that skipping leg day is no longer an option! Focusing only on your upper body slows down overall progress and therefore you have to ensure a balance so as to build lean muscle mass, from head to toe and get the perfect body. So with that, whys should you train your legs?

First, you need to maximize your anabolic hormone release. These hormones can easily sky rocket your lean muscle building capacity. Therefore, the secret is maximum intensity compound exercises.

Secondly, a heavy upper body requires great lower body support. Two of the strongest muscles in your body, the hamstrings and quadriceps are located in your lower body. To maximize on your body’s muscle building capacity, you have to incorporate leg work-outs into your routine.

So what are the best leg workouts for building mass?

Top on your list should be compound exercises where most of your focus should be on heavy compound lifts. These include Deadlifts, leg presses and heavy loaded squats. Putting overload on your legs will help to strengthen your muscles since they will be simply responding to the increase in overload.

Staples. This consists of a range of exercises such as dumbbell Bulgarian split squat, dumbbell lunge, dumbbell Step up, calf raise, dumbbell deadlift on a deficit, weighted dumbbell squat jumps, barbell lunges, sumo squats, machine leg curls and leg extensions. You can custom make the repetition sequence for each of these workouts to perfectly suit your mass building goals.

Progressive overload. This requires you to keep track of your progress. This should be such that if you started at 5 repetitions with 225lbs, your next target as you work-out should be six or seven repetitions and so on. With every slight progress, finally you will build even more mass than you anticipated.

Variations are great. As oppose to sticking to a single workout routine all through, changing it up once in a while will have even better results. This means varying your repetition ranges, weight, and even the rest time between the numbers of sets. Whenever you feel your progress slowing down, change it up a little bit!

In conclusion, the key is simply lifting heavy, high intense gym workouts and always striving to beat your previous workout record.

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