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The Four Most Effective Cardiovascular Exercises

The Four Most Effective Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are a great way to get back in shape and improve all aspects of your health. Most people automatically restrict cardio to running, but this is not the case. There are numerous cardiovascular exercises. Due to the intensity of this type of exercises, it is advisable that you consult your physician before you embark on them. It is also advisable that you start out slower and with less intensity to ease into the workout. This read aims at outlining five possible cardio workouts that would be beneficial to your health and fitness goals.

List of Cardiovascular Exercises

  1. High-Intensity Interval Training

Just as the name suggests, this workout training is intense. You will need to consult your physician before embarking on this training. The idea is to carry out an intense exercise for a short period and rest before embarking on the next exercise. Studies show that this workout guarantees a higher calorie burn in comparison to normal steady workouts. Take note that the key to maximizing this workout is in the recovery period. A sufficient recovery period reduces the chances of causing strain to the body muscles, prevents injury, and rejuvenates the body’s strength.

  1. Circuit Training

This training involves the incorporation of aerobic moves and exercises meant to strengthen the body and minimizing the rest in between the exercises. The main tip for this sought of workout is to master the period of recovery and rest. Make sure you adjust the workout to fit your needs. Therefore, if you will need more rest time then it is advisable that you take it. A fixed minimal time of fifteen seconds (15seconds) is set for this training. Additionally, mix up your circuit training moves to work out and benefit the entire body.

  1. Indoor Rowing

The mechanism used on a rowing machine resembles that of boat rowing. The rowing machine is a cardiovascular exercise because it works the entire body. Each rowing stroke takes care of about eighty-four percent of the body muscles, with minimal joint impact. A single row should incorporate the whole body. Start out by pushing back with the legs, as you use your hips to hinge forward. The idea is to use your hands last, and release them first as you ease into the initial position. Benefit from this workout by giving priority to the power input rather than the rowing pace.

  1. Indoor Cycling

This form of cardio comes highly recommended. It entails the use of an immobile cycle as you play around with the pace. Most people focus on pulling down the pads as they cycle, but recent studies show that to get the most out of this training, one should focus on pulling them up. The pull-up resistance increases the calorie burn process. It also targets the hamstrings and glutes, as it works on the entire lower body. As momentum increases so, do the ability to handle the resistance. Alternatively, indoor cycling can also double-up as an abs workout. Just focus on your core, by using it to resist the urge to collapse onto the handlebars of the cycle.

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