Why Weights Can Have A Better Effect Than Cardio

Why Weights Can Have A Better Effect Than Cardio


The debate over which form of workout or training is more efficient has been on for decades. Although studies have indicated that a combination of weights and cardio is perfect for optimal results. Note that we are not here to discredit cardio as an effective way of exercising for weight loss. Rather we have compiled a few reasons why lifting weights or strength training is more effective.


Weights Improve your Body Composition


Strength training changes your body composition. Performing cardio can help with weight loss, but it only cuts down your existing tissue thus leaving you soft, and skinny in appearance. To get the perfect look you covet, you have to lift heavy weights. Do a million repetitions using dumbbells. Once your diet is in check, try to lift weights to build your lean muscle tissue. Weights will keep your essential organs in good shape apart from giving you good physical appearance.


Lifting Weights Results in Shedding off More Calories


Many people believe doing weight training burns more calories. This has been scientifically proven. The key here is the duration of the workout. With weight training, you can continue burning calories for 48 hours after doing your workout. For each pound of muscle weight training helps you build, you burn extra 50 calories at rest which is impressive. Your metabolism remains elevated by 10 percent for the next three days after weight training as your body restores the microtrauma in muscles.


Heavy or Light Weights Which is More Ideal?


Both options are perfect. Light weights (light to the point that you can perform 15 to 20 reps) activates slow-twitch muscle fibers. While heavy weights (heavy to the point that you can do 8 to 10 reps) activates fast-twitch muscle fibers at a higher percentage. Combining both lifting styles will provide the best results. Ideally, you can do one light lifting and two heavy days per week, or mix both up in a single.


Which Option Should you Stick to?


Strength training is preferable and more efficient if you are thinking of one particular form of workout to stick to. It is possible to get your cardio by lifting weights. If you continue moving between sets, by including plyometric moves that keep you breathless or moving straight from one workout to the next, you will be able to strengthen your lungs and heart along with your muscles. Studies indicate that you can get the best results by performing three 20-minute strength poses weekly than from 60 minute cardio moves five days per week.


Strength training is perfect for weight loss and for staying fit and healthy. It even produces better results when combined with cardio.


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