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So you're interesting in getting the physique of a lifetime? The trainers here at Pain Then Glory strive to see our clients excel passed the level they believe they could ever achieve. Our workout and diet plans are exclusively designed to transform your body exactly in the direction you desire. Be aware this is no easy program, we stand for exactly who we are you will go through the pain to achieve glory! We give you the tools you will need and simplify all the propaganda and confusions all over the internet into one easy to understand client dashboard.

What is the client dashboard?
Once you are a part of our program you will be given an account just for you to view your specially designed workout calendar,keep track of body stats, post progress pictures, even talk to your trainer directly and ask questions which will help you not only progress through the program but learn how your body works properly so that you can successfully understand the process of achieving your dream body! 
We feel it is important to not only see your progress in the mirror but to see it statistically, clients will be able to track their weights, reps, fatigue level and much more with our fully online system. Building the glorious body you have in mind can take months and even years depending on your goals and experience level. We will help you to the extent you need 24/7.
New to working out or just not extremely experienced? No problem. We will not just give you a sheet of workouts that will have you scratching your head.
All workouts we give you will have detailed examples and videos
So there's no need to look up any workout names or examples we help you learn and understand everything without any extra sources.
It doesn't matter if you're brand new to fitness and just want to lose a few pounds or a bodybuilder preparing for your first show we have the trainers with the experience to get you to where you want to be, Guaranteed!

The greatest part of Online Coaching? 
You are completely independent! With our knowledge and your determination you will not just have some out of shape sweaty trainer at the gym counting reps for you. You will not only progress physically but mentally as well with us! That is our sole purpose, we believe in PAIN to achieve your GLORY at whatever level you see your glory
You will have complete access to our services from an app on your smart phone or computer any where any time with internet access, ability to talk directly with your trainer day in and day out, and a fully customized blueprint to your goal weight and physique.

Get started today, no excuses to get the shredded body of your dreams now!

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